The Role of Components in Angular 2

Components are the core construct of Angular 2. They are so central, in fact, that a solid understanding of them is critical when learning Angular 2. If you’re familiar with Angular 1, components are very relatable to controllers. Technically though, they’re much more similar to directives. In fact, the new components released in Angular 1.5 […]

Wordpress media image is not showing

Images are not showing in the Media library wordpress

There are lot many post i can see in the wordpress forum discussing about images are not showing in the Media library wordpress 4.3 and same issue was happened with me. I got the solution for this issue. Follow below steps to fix this. 1. Open your websites file via shell or file access to […]


Installing Node.js and npm on Mac OSX

Node.js is gaining a lot of speed and is an exciting new development framework. Here’s a quick overview of how to install Node.js on OSX along with npm, the package manager for node. Update: There are now packages available for OSX and Windows if you prefer a one click install for Node.js and NPM. To install […]


PHP Regex Part – 3 (True regex monk)

To become a PHP True Regex Monk, you must understand the final five patterns, all of which are easy. However, you must also understand the ways of the third parameter to preg_match() – we will come onto that soon. While there are many other patterns for use in regular expressions, they generally aren’t very common. […]


PHP Regex Part – 2 (Advanced regexes)

If you are confused already, it is probably best that you re-read the last section before continuing – the expressions only get more complicated! We have gone through basic and novice regexes – now we’re onto the powerful stuff called Advanced regexes. Regexes allow you to use the characters +, *, ?, { }, $, […]